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Flight From Singapore

Flights schedule from Singapore to Hanoi – Airfares – Air tickets booking & reservation information
Day of services
Flight No
Departure time
Arrival time
Aircraft Type
Internet Price
1, 2, 4, 5, 7
VN 744
16: 05
18: 35
VN 740
14: 30
19: 30

Flights schedule from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City – Airfares – Air tickets booking & reservation information
14: 30
15: 30
VN 1724(*)
11: 45
12: 50

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When to Fly to Vietnam
Peak season
Vietnam has a varied climate and there is no bad time to book flights to Vietnam, unless humidity is a turn-off. In the north of the country the winter months take in November to April, when the weather is cool and wet. The summer months are May to October; weather is hot with heavy rains.
In the south, Vietnam experiences a dry, hot season between December and April and a wet season between May and November. It is most humid between March and May.
In the center of Vietnam, there are often very heavy rains between December and February.

Off Season
Christmas is a family-centric time in Vietnam as is Tet (Lunar New Year) around February.

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